Monster Jam Grim Take Down Playset


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Item:6046632 Ages:3+

• 1 Grim Playset
• 1 Launcher
• 1 Exclusive Grave Digger Die-Cast Turck

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The Monster Jam Grim Take Down playset is the ultimate head to head battle of Grim vs Grave Digger & Son Uva Digger.

Monster Jam - Grim Takedown Playset

Featuring Exclusive 1:64 Scale Die-Cast Grave Digger Monster Truck

Take down Grim with this epic Monster Jam playset! Launch your exclusive 1:64 scale Grave Digger monster truck down the track in a head-to-head battle. With eerie sounds and awesome lights, Grim reacts with every hit! Send Grave Digger into high-flying action and defeat Grim!

Epic Takedowns

Hit Grim 3 times to take him down! Send Grave Digger barreling down the track and hit Grim in the chest. As you knock him down level by level, Grim’s lights and sounds activate. For your final blow, launch Grave Digger into Grim’s jaw to send it snapping back

Adjustable Launcher

Smash, bash and crash into Grim all day! With the ramp lever, you can adjust its angle for maximum impact. Aim high or low to deliver crushing blows! Once you defeat Grim, reset him and do it all over again!

Exclusive Grave Digger Monster Truck

This monstrous playset comes complete with an exclusive 1:64 scale True Metal Grave Digger monster truck to add to your epic Monster Jam collection. You won’t find this Grave Digger anywhere else!