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• Create magical showers of swirling soap bubbles with the Bizzy Bubblz Blower.

• Simply cover the holes on the blower with Bizzy Bubblz liquid, hold it to your mouth, and give it your best huff and puff; you'll instantly be surrounded by a plume of tiny swirling bubbles!

• The Bizzy Bubblz soap solution allows you to blow bubbles that don't pop when you touch them, allowing you to have your own fun stacking, catching, or holding the bubbles in your hand.

• The Bizzy Bubblz Blower is tiny, compact, and portable, so take it with you wherever you go! Whether you're in the park or in your backyard, you're guaranteed to have a blast blowing billions of tiny bubbles.

• Make a magical cloud of micro bubbles that float in the air! Wait a few seconds and collect as many falling Bizzy Bubblz as you can.

• Each bubble kit comes with one Bizzy Bubblz micro bubble maker tube and one squeezable bottle of Bizzy Bubblz liquid.

• Need a product that will grab everyone's attention? Choose this interesting new bubble maker. Bizzy Bubblz is a hot item that will quickly attract consumers due to its ability to make hundreds of bubbles that resist popping!

Product Description:

Instead of a few medium-sized bubbles, this device produces a whole flurry of tiny bubbles with each breath. Coat the end of the blowing tube with the included bottle of bizzy bubblz liquid, then gently blow to surround yourself with bubbles of very small proportion. Try to catch them as they float down to the ground; they will even stack on top of each other like bubble snowmen. A little more durable (and sticky!) then regular bubble solution, many of the bubbles won't even pop when they land on the ground. We like this because if you listen carefully, you can hear a little squeaking sound as you pop them!

1.Due to special secret on Hold bubble solution, flexible, longer-lasting bubbles looks more colorful than the other company product.

2. Easy to blow bubbles and get many bubbles like storm snow.

3. Clean Touchable bubble, please use water only.

4. Blow the bubbles higher lightly, then you can catch, stack and toss the bubbles or making a shape as you wish.

5. When u stack the Touchable bubbles, u can teach little kids to learn number, even mathematics sense.