Hatchimals Alive! Make A Splash Playset


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<p>"Experience sparkly surprises with the Hatchimals Alive Make a Splash Playset! With your love and care, super cute Hatchimals Alive characters magically come to life in a whole new way. Their self-hatching eggs hatch like real eggs when activated by water! This playset includes two Hatchimals eggs with two hippo twins, 15 accessories, and a bathtub. Fill the tub with water and bathe one egg at a time for the best experience. Remove the pacifier and swirl the egg through the water - it shimmers and changes color while your friend cracks through the egg! Nurture and bathe the second egg to reveal the other hippo and create purple water! After hatching, accessories like a rubber ducky, head towels, bubbles, and more add to your storytelling. The pacifiers also fit in each character's mouth and the twins change color in cold and hot water for endless play. Those who enjoy collectibles, action figures, small toys, dolls, and doll house play will love Hatchimals toys for kids. For ages 3 and up, Hatchimals surprise toys for girls and boys are fun Easter basket toys, birthday gifts or gifts for any occasion. Make a splash with the Hatchimals Alive Make a Splash Playset!</p>

<p>• LOVE YOUR HATCHIMALS TO LIFE: With your love and care, you can magically bring 2 Hatchimals Alive characters to life in a whole new way! The self-hatch surprise eggs hatch like real eggs!</p>

<p>• SPARKLY COLOR-REVEAL BATHTIME FUN: Fill the tub, nurture, and bathe each Hatchimals egg one at a time. Remove the pacifier and swirl the egg to reveal a sparkly surprise - the water changes color and fills with sparkles as your friend starts hatching!</p>

<p>• 2 COLOR-CHANGE HATCHIMALS: Discover sweet hippo twins you can't find anywhere else! After revealing your Hatchimals, each character changes color in cold and hot water.</p>

<p>• 15 ACCESSORIES: Add to your pretend play storytelling with a rubber ducky, soap, loofah, cucumber masks and towels the twins can wear, a fabric wash cloth & more adorable doll accessories!</p>

<p>• Includes: 2 Hatchimals, 1 Bathtub, 15 Accessories, 1 Instruction Sheet"<br>